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If there is a group that meets called “Glad to admit we were wrong,” I have not heard of it. Please let me know…not that I would willingly attend. Maybe if a friend guilts me enough…

But really; humility is a character flaw to many in this world, but a leadership quality required in the service of The King. We need to be prepared to abase ourselves, and the quicker the better. Chewing a piece of meat for a long time just makes it harder to swallow. Humility was the reason God chose and defended Moses (Num 12:3). Even when God mentioned Moses’ mistake and its consequences, Moses did not answer God back (like Adam), but, instead, began providing for Israel by asking that Joshua be made the next leader.

We must display our past mistakes to those who need to learn a lesson from them, so they can understand (if they will listen) the spiritual and physical consequences of sin without paying those debts personally, like we did. I am not advocating to shout it from the roof top, but to listen to God for opportunities to spare our brothers and sisters.

What a blessing to our children, or someone we mentor, to be afforded the opportunity of living through the pain of failure vicariously (2nd hand) instead of physically enduring it themselves!

Ex 12:26-27 And when your children say to you, ‘Why are we doing this?’ tell them: ‘It’s the Passover-sacrifice to God who passed over the homes of the Israelites in Egypt when He hit Egypt with death but rescued us.'” (THE MSG)

Sometimes it’s embarrassing to share these things. In telling their children about the Exodus, they would have had to tell them their great doubts, and sins. They would tell their children about what they suffered because of those doubts and sins. Then they could remind them about God’s great Victory on their behalf after repentance.

As living beings in this earthly realm, we must not forget there are spiritual battles and consequences activated by our rebellion. God understands these spiritual battles and their outcomes, and has given us His Word, and Holy Spirit in our lives to guide us. The question is – do we learn and obey? Or, after messing up, are we willing to humble ourselves to God – to admit our failures, repent, and walk in victory? This is not the same thing as beating ourselves up over the past, but, rather, it is gratefulness to God for His Mercy at such a level that it engages His great Love inside us for others. So much so we are willing to die a little – to humble ourselves – so someone else can live more abundantly if they will.

Part of the Victory of Righteousness is relieving others of a sin-burden by sharing your own, hopefully before they walk into it themselves, but afterwards if needed to start the healing process. Lowering oneself in the eyes of others is a powerful weapon that can only healthily and properly be engaged by those who are embracing humility in their everyday walk. After all, perfect people don’t make mistakes.

As we humbly and lovingly embrace our imperfection, we can hand it up to God to heal and use. Perfection hides error, denying it exists; humiliation displays error, knowing it intimately so it can be given to God for healing and renewal. Allowing a broken pot to be properly mended makes it stronger for service. Left, a broken pot drips messes everywhere it goes. It is still a pot, just not fit for use.

As we grow in our faith, we have so much to offer, and one of the best things we can do with our own stories of bruises, broken bones, and redemption is to keep others from our sin and pain by sharing it with them in a healthy way.

Leaona Huston
March 20, 2021


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