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My mom told me that I am her wanderer, of all of her children. I have traveled some, in and out of the states, in the military, on vacation, and for missions, and cherish each experience. I have eaten bugs in Myanmar…dude. They tasted like jerky! I have been touched by the hearts of people I won’t see again but will always remember, and my heart touched theirs. From that moment, neither of us will be the same.

There’s much inside the heart of an adventurer to be explored. There is a great desire to see, to do, to experience. I think the greatest desire of a true adventurer is to make a difference. To effect change, resolve, quell, release, open, to liberate.

It’s important to me. It is important to humanity in general. Not just to live – to breath for, oooh, say, 79 years, then expire, but to have made an impression. To be remembered for something. (Aren’t eulogies a common practice among us?)

To matter, not just take up space. To experience, not just exist.

To accomplish, not only consume. To deeply inhale an aroma, rather than simply smell.

To ride with the wind, not just gallop.

To touch deeply, instead of brushing by. To overwhelm, not just “love”, or show an affinity toward.

Jesus Christ was the great adventurer; One Who came to Overcome, but for us, not for Himself.

To overcome, not just win. To liberate from certain destruction, not just help out.

To finally and totally quench thirst, not simply extinguish a small fire.

To bring immortal life from dust. Beyond planting a garden.

To permanently heal all disease, not prescribe pain medication.

To provide, then answer the deepest mysteries and aspirations, not just answer a few questions.

To change the weather, not only hand out umbrellas. To expel demons, rather than sooth anxious thoughts.

To win the last world war, not fight a skirmish. To right every wrong, not negotiate.

To love beyond betrayal, not just up to it.

To rescue every person with their arms outstretched, not a paltry few.

To honor through utter and complete agony, not forgetting in trial. To submit unto death, not until inconvenience.

To relieve without relying on, to bless even without being thanked, lead without error or arrogance, to sway without forcing, to win without losing even 1 soldier.

To make a difference…no…THE difference. To bring heaven to earth.

Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God is With Us.  Holy! Holy! Praise THE Lord!

Leaona Huston
September 5, 2021


  1. Joi Gratny

    That brought tears to me. Probably because of all we see around is knowing that the answers are not the shallow answers provided but deep healing that only comes from Jesus!

  2. Leaona Huston


  3. Mia Richardson

    Well said!

  4. Leaona Huston

    Thank you, isn’t Jesus awesome!!!

  5. Rheannon MacFarland

    “To submit unto death, not until inconvenience.” -Wow.

  6. Mike Huston

    Yes, we may not be able to right every wrong, but if we do nothing than what adventure is there to be had? For me it’s to change peoples minds about women in ministry.