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My dog is a 12 year old, black and white Chihuahua, and triple-dog HATES to get her nails clipped. It’s the only time I have ever had her nip at me.

If I say it out loud; she runs and hides behind my husband, who is widely known to spoil her, and often protects Kiesha when I threaten her with a “b-a-t-h.” It is during these times of duress when she gets called by her whole name – Kiesha Marie. Ear lowering ensues…and, as bad as a “b-a-t-h” is; getting her nails clipped is WAY worse.

And where does a stinkin’ little 5 1/2 pound dog get the strength to fight off 2 full sized humans?!?! Who put that much stubbornness into one tiny package? I can’t afford to give her a needle full of valium every time she needs a pedi! (Just try holding her still for that!) There must be some machine you can put their little paws in that they cannot extricate themselves from, but I haven’t found it. Inventors out there – get the patent and get this into production, please!

Sometimes, I put the pedi off because I’m not up to the fight. Then, she’ll start walking funny, or just stop walking and start laying around. I know I need to “prune the queen,” but I tire of her flexing all 5 1/2 pounds of muscle against me.

It’s hilarious, really, because after the “pruning of the queen” she can walk so much better! She bounces around, chasing her little “stuffies”, runs outside to play, and jumps way higher with so little effort. She is far less focused on herself, and enjoys her surroundings much more – she’s a bigger part of the family, and a better person to hang around with.

But, from one time to the next she forgets all about the massive benefits, and just clings like crazy to 1⁄4” of alpha-keratin. Why? Because it grew there. She’s used to it. It’s hers…or is it? That extra bit of toe nail causes all kinds of trouble she can’t see, and when I tell her they need to go she runs and hides…sometimes behind the toilet! (Admittedly a difficult extraction – she’s no fool!)

Kiesha has been my own beloved pup for 12 years. Twelve years of potty training, fetch, huckleberry picking, sun soaking, and companionship. When I had my foot surgery, she would not leave my side for weeks. She hardly ever makes a mess, and is great at letting me know when a pot on the stove starts to boil. She chases those ravens out of the yard like nobody’s business. She always lets me know when someone is at the door. We walk together, watch TV together…I give her special food on holidays like everyone else. So, why won’t she believe me when I tell her those spiny, pokey little branches jutting out of her cute little toes need to go? Habit, I guess…and her earnest belief that she knows better than me. After all, in dog years, she’s 84 years old. People over 80 tend to keep their own council…have you noticed?

I would never kick her out of the house; I love her dearly…all 5 1⁄2 pounds of cute, cuddly, hard-headedness. I do, though, occasionally sit on her and clip her toe nails, for her own good.

Jn 15:1-2 “I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more. NLT

As we walk through our lives, let’s be sensitive to God’s leading, and His correction.  Let’s let go of those things He asks, and keep the rest in hands that are holding on loosely.  God knows what is best for us, even when we can’t see it.


  1. Sue

    When I read this I can hear you talking. So you!

  2. Leaona Huston

    Thanks, Sue, I have been getting “pruned” a lot longer than Kiesha has. God is good! Leaona

  3. Karen

    In AZ I walk with a friend walking her 2 dogs 6 days a week. She says the concrete sidewalks take off the long nails on her doggies. Would it help Kiesha to regularly walk in town on the sidewalks?? Just a thought.
    I can picture us being as stubborn as Kiedha when God wants to do that pruning. But I can’t say I’ve ever run and hidden under the toilet!!

  4. Leaona Huston

    Hi Karen, we live in a very rural area, few sidewalks, and a ways away.

    I am glad to hear you caught the analogy. I am also glad to hear you never hid behind the toilet.

    Good conversation piece, tho – hey, everyone, what do YOU hide behind?!? For me, it used to be work – you know – just being too busy to do what I knew God would want me to do. Now retired, I see clearly many times I had better things to do in the eyes of our Lord than work overtime. Not that I regret being a dedicated worker, just that there were some times I could have done more for my family, or for God.

    Anyone else? What do you hide behind? L

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