Purpose Blog Spot - Leaona Huston


Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be talking about humility and purpose in the lives of Christians. For us to get it right, we have to know who we are, and who God is.

Sound simple? The whole of scripture is dedicated to helping us better understand this, and to showing us how our refusal to accept this was based in a desire to rule over God and one another, rather than ruling under God, and with one another, as God commanded in Genesis 1:26.

We will struggle together with just how “un-humble” we really are, and how it is impeding our purposes under Christ, through Holy Spirit.

Please be praying this week to clear your minds, and ready your hearts to walk together through some rocky ground, as we look in the mirror, and then up, into heaven, and then back at one another – God’s gifts among our community.

Leaona Huston
December 3, 2021