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Right now, things in our nation ARE bad. No one would deny we are in trouble. If you are a Christian, you probably see this more clearly, and worry that we might be in a time of discipline by God, or even that we have entered the time of “tribulation.”

It may be so. I’m not sure. But there are some things I am sure of, and they are all about our LORD (because nothing about mankind can fix this sized mess!). In reading the bible, a pattern can be established from creation on in the life of God’s people, and God Himself in relating to His people.

1. Adultery – God’s people turn away from an open, free relationship with God by embracing that which God cannot embrace, and has warned them not to embrace.

2. Exile – God’s people are sent away, after ignoring God’s warnings that He cannot embrace, or relate with, their idolatry and rebellion. They have taken on an identity God will not share.

3. Chastisement – the world is allowed to have its way with a nation of people who rejected their King. Much suffering is endured rather than the people apologizing and turning back to God, because they are arrogant, and stubborn, justifying their behavior and refusing God’s call.

4. Repentance – God’s people finally recognize that what they called “freedom”, “tolerance”, and “only human” have brought them to a desolate place. They truly miss God in their lives, and purposely reject those things they had embraced from around them that God cannot, and will not. God will not give up His own, true identity to serve others.

5. Restoration – In His nature of Mercy and Grace, God responds to repentance by redeeming His people from their self-made mess into His Presence, and His embrace.

In troubled times, when things are bad, it is easy to focus on chastisement and its results rather than repentance. We become a nation of pain-filled victims, struggling through our days. That is not what God wants. While it is true that repentance is demanded, what God deeply, lovingly wants for us is restoration. He is anxious to give it.

As we continue to see and experience the hardships we are facing, we should not be anxious about them. We should be anxious for God’s restoration!

What will it look like for us this time? Will it be the rapture or a wave of repentance and renewal across our land? How long, Lord?!

I don’t know.

But I know God, and I know this – Restoration Will Come!

Put your faith in Christ!

Restoration Will Come!

Leaona Huston


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