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It would be nearly impossible for us to maintain a healthy relationship with people in this world the way we sometimes try to maintain a relationship with God.

    • Our spouse would leave – over and over our marriages would fail.
    • Our children would hate us and ignore us in our old age.
    • No deep friendships would even be made, let alone last.
    • Jobs would come and go, achievements would be few, and hollow.
    • We would only ever rent.
    • No one would have a degree, or expertise in any field, outside of their own imagination. Life would be one big video game.
    • No lasting effect on this world would accumulate at all, from the one, or the many.
    • No one would miss us when we die.
    • No one would be able to say “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matt 25)

Our first purpose is the pursuit of a relationship with our Heavenly Father. That is where we find out who we are, and where we get our best, truest sense of purpose. Identity crises come because we don’t search for divine purpose, but try to discern or build purpose for ourselves. Then, in that same mind set, we decide the value and purpose of others, as if we could possibly get it right.

With God, Grace leads to Grace…in order for us to pursue God and know Him, and ourselves (made in God’s Image), God comes regularly to us, like to mankind in the garden. God wants us to want to see Him, so He comes. We can hide, or we can step out in faith, look for God, greet God, and ask questions – share our lives.

Being made in God’s Image is an incredible statement of purpose and value. Relationship with God gives us the strength, the understanding, and the humility to carry it out. If you were going to take over your parent’s business, wouldn’t you want to be with them regularly so you understood how things worked? Would that time spent keep you from making huge mistakes as you moved forward, in proper timing? Wouldn’t you then know the business schedule, the story of why it started, who it serves, how it grew, where the bank is, who your main lender is, and the identity of their workers, as well as each workers’ strengths and weaknesses? Would that not give you an incredible sense of groundedness and purpose, as opposed to walking into the store after your parents died, and flipping the sign to “Open?”


God is diligent toward us; we must look outside ourselves for answers regarding our divine purpose, and the Creator of our Souls is the one place where Grace waits anxiously to hear from us. God has wonderful things for us, and Created us out of love, not a desire for morbid control. Pursuing God, and being aware of our purpose, is a place of contentment, not of slavery. There is assuredness, soul-peace, and a wonderful understanding that God is waiting to talk to us, to interact with us, to send us on missions, or just sit in the grass and rest with us.

With our divine purpose and value understood, there will still be the occasional life crisis, but the understanding of who we are to someone so important as the Creator of the Universe leaves the door wide open to throw ourselves into the arms of a stronger, more wise and ultimately greater loving being than exists anywhere else, forever. There may be trials, but our pursuit of God will thwart evil’s attempts to lower who we are in our own eyes, because we will deeply understand who we are to Christ.

If we wonder about specifics in our life, we can just reflect on what good things give us a sense of fulfillment. We might even ask a church elder to mentor and pray with us about it; God encourages us to do so. Their prayers will help us understand our giftings, and purposes.

1 Ti 4:14 Don’t neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the elders. WEB

There are many gifts listed in 1 Cor 12 & 13, and it is exciting to consider them, and to identify things God wants to do with us for The Kingdom. With that much purpose in our lives, an identity crisis will be the last thing we think about. God gives us gifts out of love, not a desire to control. There will be hard times, for sure, but knowing the wonderful ways that God thinks about us gives joy, and the ability to hold tight when things are rough.

Ps 20:4

May He grant you according to your heart’s desire,

And fulfill all your purpose. NKJV

Leaona Huston
January 19, 2022

P.S.  I am going to be taking a break from blogging for a while, I look forward to seeing you at church!

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  1. Mary Toss

    Great job! Enjoy your time off. You’ll be missed❤️